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Playing The Keeper of 4 Elements

We just love all games like Kingdom Rush so we've been busy adding 8 games like it recently. The Keeper of 4 Elements is another td game that's similar to it. The story goes you need to help some monks to protect the scrolls of the 4 elements from an evil wizard who wants to get it for his own evil desires so you can't let that happen obviously. The Keeper of 4 Elements game online will put you right into the game play action. No boring tutorials here just straight into the action. Place towers on the path the enemy travels on to attack and kill them. Earn gold for killing enemies and winning the level which you can use at the end of every level before a new one starts to upgrade your towers powers.

Follow the in-game instructions.
10 MB game. Be patient while it downloads.

The Keeper of 4 Elements

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