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Playing Plants Vs Zombies Online Game

This is the Plants Vs Zombies online playable game. No downloading required. Simple click play and away you go. Defending your home from brain eating zombies by using a myriad of plants and some help from the sun. In this Zombie tower defense game by PopCap you are defending your back garden from hordes of incoming zombies. Use the plants in your back garden to kill them by using pea shooters, walnuts and cherry bombs to daze, weaken and kill 25 types of zombies. Grow your plants by using the sun shine. Come up with the best strategy because different zombies have different skills for getting into your kitchen. Be clever in how you use your garden supplies to deal with them as supplies are limited. The more zombies you kill and the more levels you complete the more plants you can use and items you will find to help you defend your kitchen with. Not every level is the same as before. Sometimes the game goes off into a different way to play and has little mini side bonus games like going bowling with dangerous Dave or playing at night time to conversing with a bunch of frogs to swimming in a swimming pool. All helpful to get more points and kill all zombies with. It's the Plants Vs Zombies Online Game you can play here. Enjoy. :)

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Plants Vs Zombies Online Game

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