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Playing Mexican Zombie Defense

Here is a zombie defense game from Spilgames, Mexican Zombie Defense game - The Chronicles of Mexico. Travel through Mexico for the Salvation Army killing brain eating zombies. Rid all Mexican towns of the zombies using your skilled fighters. Your soldiers have only limited ammo so watch over them and replenish them often. You have 4 unique soldiers from Troopers to Lazer shooters, Bazooka soldiers to Snipers. Click on your soldiers to see their replenish menu and restock them with ammo to shoot at and kill the zombies. This is what makes Mexican Zombie Defense a unique defense game. Forcing you to keep them stocked while killing zombies yourself. Call in a soldiers and click him to place him on the map in a good strategic place like a corner. Click the Arrow to call the next wave in. Click on the support plane to get new ammo drops. Stop the zombies from getting to your brains!

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Mexican Zombie Defense

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