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Playing Kingdom Rush Frontiers

The Kingdom Rush saga is back and its bigger and better than ever! More towers, more upgrades and more nasty enemies to kill. Kingdom Rush 2 Frontiers is now available to play online! And as promised you can now play it right here! Yes its free to play. There are more towers, maps, heroes and special powers to crush and kill the enemies with. Fight battles in deserts, jungles and the underworld! 9 champion heroes. Train your champions up to make them better, faster, stronger. 8 new tower upgrades. Mighty Templars, Crossbow Forts, Necromancers, and Earthquake Machines. 18 tower abilities. Assassins, death riders, pestilence clouds, to kill your enemies with. 40 different enemies like desert sandworms, tribal shamans, nomad tribes and underground terrors. Epic Boss fights! And all the other stuff you're used to with Kingdom Rush. The Frontiers version still has the same features from the last game but that's vintage now compared to the new towers, heroes, abilities and legendary abilities!

Build and upgrade defensive towers to stop and kill enemies.
Use the gold you earn to buy more towers and upgrade them.

Select/Cancel Rain of Fire spell: 1
Select/Cancel Reinforcements spell: 2
Select/Cancel Hero: 3
Select/Cancel Extra Hero: 4
Cancel selected spell/power/rally point: Space bar.
Pause the game: P.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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