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Playing Heroes of Mangara

Heroes of Mangara: The Homeland is a tower defence game from NOXGAMES. Heroes of Mangara has you traveling through 15 different locations. Similar to most TD games, there are 4 unique towers and 4 heroes at your disposal to kill the approaching enemies with. Heroes of Mangara combines strategic and RPG elements into the game. Hone your heroes skills and live through their adventures across the lands of Mangara. Game Controls: Build a tower and place your heroes in them. Use apprentices as support to deal max damage and healing and use magic spells. Kill the enemies to earn gold and use it to upgrade your towers, heroes, and apprentices. Keep your eye on your Mana as its used to fuel your magic spells. There are 15 wars to fight in total. Use the Left Mouse Button to select and build towers and change the weapons used by your units on towers, and to cast spells on enemies. Press Space bar to toggle between play and pause. Press C or ESC to cancel. X to toggle speed up or down and V to show health bars.

1 - Archer Hero
2 - Mage Hero
3 - Druid Hero
4 - Necromancer Hero
5 - Archer Apprentice
6 - Mage Apprentice
7 - Druid Apprentice
8 - Necromancer Apprentice
Q - Wooden Tower
W - Stone Tower
E - Sandstone Tower
R - Granite Tower
A - Fire Magic
S - Water Magic
D - Earth Magic
F - Air Magic

Heroes of Mangara

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