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Playing Fujitsu Defender

Here is another tower defense game from NOXGAMES this time with Fujitsu Defender. Fujitsu Defender has a deep and rich storyline, many types of towers, upgrades and enemies and achievements. It's a game about the earth running out of resources so we moved to a new planet which was going well until something unexpected arrived... Your mission is to defend your base from the alien attacks using different tower types and mix of strategies. There are 50 waves per level and you earn score points for killing enemies which you can use to upgrade your existing towers with or buy new ones. There are 3 maps. 50 achievements to earn. 10 types of towers from cannons, flamethrowers, poison towers etc and 10 upgrades at every 5 levels. There are also bosses to take on and there are 5 bosses. Also you can unlock Hardcore Mode when you complete it. Enjoy this top TD game as rated on ArmorGames and Kongregate.

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Fujitsu Defender

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