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Playing Cursed Treasure 2

The Cursed Treasure saga continues! The evil that want to steal your precious gems are back once again in this top tower defence game online. But you can't let them! They might be hungrier than before and want your treasure even more than before but you have to prevent and stop them from taking it. So battle up soldier. Strategically place your towers in the right spots. Drink some soda, cast some might spells and kick some evil butt! Whatever it takes. You must protect your treasures at all costs.

Use Mouse to move around.
Control keys:
1 = Build Den.
2 = Build Crypt.
3 = Build Temple
Q = Bast Cut Out spell
W = Bast Terror spell
E = Bast Meteor spell
Hold Space for 2x speed.
Enter – Next wave.

Cursed Treasure 2

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