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Playing Bloons TD 3

Third time lucky! The Bloons are back in Bloons TD 3 online flash game. And this time there is 8 all new tracks to select from and play on. 3 difficulty modes and a few more monkey towers to buy and upgrade to help you pop your way to success. Bloons 3 was created after many request from fans (32 million). And was made because they wanted more advanced monkey towers. Some people consider it the best Bloons td game but they've not played all the others. Anyway defend yourself and pop those balloons using Dart Monkey and Tack Shooter and Super Monkeys. This version of Bloons is much harder than the other 2 earlier ones and is a little more serious. More Towers, More Tracks, More Items and Specials. Its the bloon popping madness that you love.

You know the score by now.
Place monkey towers around the path to pop the passing bloons .
Pop all bloons before they get to the end.

Bloons TD 3

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