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Playing Zombie Trapper

Zombie Trapper is a side scrolling zombie shooting game. This game is quite old now but still just as much fun today. You play as the Sheriff of Oakwood and your town has been over run and infested by brain munching zombies! So your mission is to protect the villager from the hordes of evil zombies in this combination of defense, strategy and zombie shooter. You will not win the game by just shooting the zombies alone, you will have to trap them using traps along the way the zombies walk. Move around with the cursor keys or WASD. Use Q/X to reload and shoot. 1-5 to switch weapons. 0-7 to set traps and build fences. Pick up any health kits and spare ammo. Use the money earned to buy upgrades with and the end of every level to gun down the zombies with.

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Zombie Trapper

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