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Playing Snipedown

Snipedown is a shooter defense game by: pureth which has you keeping your base safe from the huge advancing enemy armies using your trusty sniper rifle, air strikes and artillery. Use the sniper rifle and your sniping skills to take out the enemies. Keep the enemy off your base or you'll loose health. Earn experience points by killing enemy troops and vehicles. You can upgrade on the upgrade page at any time and need to to succeed. You can have 3 turrets at any time to help you that can be bought on the upgrade page. They are a vital if you will want to survive! You have 4 tools, Mortar strikes, Artillery strikes, Air strikes and the Big Bomb. They all have their own uses and you'll find out which is best for when yourself. Enjoy and have fun.

Use mouse to aim around with sniper and shoot.
1 Key: Select Mortar Strike
2 Key: Select Artillery Strike
3 Key: Select Air Strike
4 Key: Select Big Bomb
U Key: Upgrade
O or P keys: Options


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