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Playing Dove Hunter

Do you remember as a kid how the birds would swoop in and steal the nuts right off your ice cream? Me neither but this kid here definitely has a problem with the birds in his park. One day he was quietly eating his ice cream and the next a lot of doves came in and stole it. Now he wants to exact revenge upon the doves. So your mission in this shooter game online is to get through all 20 levels by using your trusty slingshot (thats a catapult to me and you) to sling rocks at the doves and kill them. You can use your rocks and some magical powers (because all kids have magic powers). You'll also acquire upgrades and unlock new achievements along the way so get a high a score as you can and then challenge your friends online to play the Dove Hunter game here.

Left Click: Drag slingshot.
1,2: Use Magic Skills.
P: Pauses Game

Dove Hunter

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