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31 Plays since 29-01-2014
Playing Detox Capsule

Detox germs flying and shooting game has you flying around shooting at germs. You are infected by germs bu these aren't just any old germs, these are ALIEN GERMS! It’s time to play Detox Capsule! There is some Special Medicine which you control to blast all the germs inside your body. Blast those nasty germs away through 6 different zones! Blasting germs has never been this fun! Move the Capsule Ship by dragging your mouse. Use left click to aim on the germs automatically. Blasting those nasty germs will earn you amount of "DOSE". Use them to upgrade your germ warfare weaponaries with at the Medic Shot. Change your weapon by pressing A, S or D or using the Scroll wheel on your mouse. When cornered press the Space Bar to activate the Bomb. It is limited by your number which you could buy later in the Medic Shop. Pressing X will deactivate Auto-Shoot. You will need to hold the left click to shoot. Also if you need to take five press P and by all means please do your stuff. Sometimes you will find Capsules to support you. Green Capsules grants your Vitality, Blue Capsules grants a Bubble Shield and Red Capsules is a Bomb! Doing certain things on the game will grant you achievements. We know you love medallions, awards and sorta.

Mouse to move around
Hold left click mouse to lock on
Change weapon with A, S or D or Scroll wheel
space bar to use bomb
p to pause the game.

Detox Capsule

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