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Playing Formula Racer

Formula Racer game is basically the ultimate Flash Formula 1 Racing challenge. Start the game and then setup your car to race. Come top 3 in all races to unlock Engine, Handling, Boost. Kinetic Boost: This is a system which gathers energy and scores it while driving. Your boost level rises automatically and rises even quicker during braking. Hitting other cars depletes your boost. You can use it when its 30% full. You can buy up to 16 upgrades for your car. Adjust the car setup between speed, handling and boost by dragging the cursor around the setup triangle. Different setups you can suit different tracks. Rain makes you skid more so try increasing the handling on wet tracks. Driving Tips: Avoid contact with other cars. Learn the tracks and find the best racing lines. Hit the boost when coming out of bends. To drive cursor keys or AWSD. Press X or SPACE to use the Boost.

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Formula Racer

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