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Hello and welcome to our FAQ page here where we answer some of the most commonly expected questions about our site and what you can expect as a fan of or member of our TD games arcade. Just in case you ever wondered. :)

Who Are We and Why Are We Here?

We are just a small group of fans of defence and strategy games. We've been playing flash games online for years and love the tower defence / strategy / war / shooting games more than any other type. So we made this site to share all the games we love the most with other people and invite the world to challenge our high scores.

So Tower Defence games - what are they all about and how to play them?

The main objective to playing online tower defence games is to prevent the attacking enemy from getting to your base with the help of towers which you will need to strategically place along the path that they travel on. Usually there are different types of enemies and these will require a certain type of tower to kill them. So placing the right tower at the right spot is crucial and will demand skill and ingenuity on your behalf. As you progress through the levels, you will earn points, or coins which you can use to buy more towers or upgrade your current ones. You'll need to do this as each level and enemy gets increasingly faster and harder. But you can only learn these things and experience this for yourself when playing the TD game online such as the many that we feature here on

Did you know that TD games go back to the 80's?

Well if you know of Bokosuka Wars or remember Rampart on the Atari in 1990? Well these paved the way for games like Final Fantasy, and Fort Condor in 2000. Fast forward 5+ years with the arrival of Adobe Flash making it possible for anyone to create flash TD games. Some of these include Star Craft & War Craft. And later Gem Craft, Immortal Defense which are also hugely popular console games. Since then there has been many different variations of flash tower defence or castle defence games. From fun to serious, from animal to space and ancient themes. To child friendly versions like the Bloons TD games. But there are those kings out there that proudly are a testimony to the power of flash gaming. Some of these include Gemcraft, Cursed Treasure, Hex Empire, Stick War, Frontline Defense, Incursion and of Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers to name but a few. These are just a few of my favorites. And only a handful of some of the TD games online we have for you to freely play and enjoy here.

Why Are TD Games So Popular by People Online?

We've narrowed it down to 4 main reasons on our blog and they come down to these 4 facts and that's 1; that they're highly rewarding to players having to defend something and win. 2; because they are huge fun to play at any time whether bored or chilling at home or work in your spare time. 3; because there is a massive variety of different types of tower defence games. And 4; because they are free to play online as well of course. Plus today its easier for flash game developers to create ever more sophisticated games in flash or HTML5 format pushing the envelope forward for flash TD games development making new better games you just have to play!

What Benefit is There to Registering as a Member?

Registration is optional and you don't need an account to play the games here. But registered members will have their own user profile and can submit their high scores to the games leaderboard and have it proudly show on our homepage as the top player. Members also earn points for playing games, inviting friends, submitting high scores etc etc. And members will also be able to submit and upload their own games or request games be added.

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