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About Us

Hello and welcome to out About Us page for Here you can find out a little about us, why we are here and what our goals and aspirations are as a TD games arcade.

We want to provide a safe and friendly place where people can come to play their favourite or latest td games online. Register here if not already and login whenever you play the games here to earn points.

So we are a TD games arcade online. As you know, "TD" is an abbreviation for Tower Defence. And you can find many tower defence games online to play here. We feature some of the best td games online to play, as well as many of the old classics! So we are sure to have your favorites here. However we are always on the look out for new flash td games that we can add to our site for you to freely play. So that means you may find other categories of online games here as well from shooting and sniping games, racing and driving games to action games and many others.

We have invested in a nice looking theme for our site and hopefully have all the "bells n' whistles" that you have come to expect in a flash online td games arcade. You can of course play our games freely here but you may register to receive extra benefits like earning points for doing things like playing games, rating and commenting on games etc. You can add games as favorites, create a profile, upload an avatar, add friends and send messages.

Submit your high scores and have your profile featured on the homepage! Plus you can invite and challenge friends to beat you. You can also, rate, comment on and share games online with people on social networks and your online bookmarking sites. Here is a breakdown of our points setup that you will earn for each action performed.

Points setup
Playing a game [3]
Rating a game [2]
Posting a comment [2]
Sending a report [2]
Challenging a friend [2]
Submitting a highscore [4]
Referring a user [10]
Submitting a game [25]

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