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For all those online gamer fans we explain why tower defense games are the most popular and most fun types of free online flash games that you can play in your web browser today. And it's not just flash games anymore. We are seeing a rapid growth in the use of other technologies like HTML5 and Unity games.

Tower Defence Games

If you like to play free online games then you will probably know what tower defense games are by now. They are a category of free online games that you can play in your web browser and they are very fun and addictive also. These types of games come in many varieties and story lines. Usually they are centered around defending your towers or castle or even army base. But in most cases they involve the use of towers and strategically placing the best types of towers, castles or turrets in the perfect place to kill and destroy the enemy.

So tower defence games online. Why are they so addictive and fun?
It could be that you are rewarded for defending your castle or kingdom from the enemies. Along the way you get to meet a lot of evil enemies and kill them with different weapons or towers. A sense of achievement is earned as is achievements in the game also that other people have high scores on. This inspires people to play them hoping to beat the high score of somebody else and become the top player on the leaderboard for that game.

These days TD games have become much more advanced and exciting to play. Flash game developers have learned a lot of new skills and there are more tools available for them to actually design and publish free flash tower defence games online today. And there is more incentive for them to do so as well with more people getting online today than before both on desktop computers and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets computers.

So this means there are now more td games to play today than there used to be. Some of them are very well known and popular like Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Incursion 2 & Cursed Treasure 2 for example. These get thousands of plays every day by people all around the world and of all ages likewise. A true testament to their popularity. A recommended play for a good time if only ever just once in your life guaranteed.

Of course there are also many other categories of online games that are popular like strategy games and shooting games. From racing games to fishing games to zombie games. And while this is not an article on the number of game categories that do exist. We are certainly saying that the "tower defense" category of free online games is one of the most popular by people today.

Where to Play Tower Defense Games On?
There are hundreds if not thousand of sites one can find online to play td games on. All you need to do is search for "tower defence games" in your favorite search engine like Google. You will find some really popular arcades like Armor Games and Kongregate and Newgrounds to mention only just a few. They have hundreds of these types of games in many categories going back years with thousand of members visiting them daily to play them.

This is because they are so much fun and satisfying to play! The only issue is you may have to register to play some of the games and some features are disabled unless you are a member. But being a member of a popular arcade brings additional benefits like being able to save games as favorites, rate and comment on games. And meet, invite and challenge new people and online friends to challenge your submitted high scores.

You can find all these features and more and play the latest best td games online to enjoy in your spare time. Whether on a break at work or chilling at home right here. We feature many games that are on those sites in once place. Playing and choosing and only adding the best hand picked games to the site for you to play and enjoy.

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