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Why TD Games Online Are So Popular
Posted by: Ryan, 19-01-2014, 22:58

Flash TD games or otherwise known as tower defence games are the best types of flash online games that you can play in your web browser for free. Most people know about tower defence games, strategy games and online war games and how much fun and addictive they can be to play. Well these are also hugely rewarding to the player and here we explain why.

Online flash games have got much better lately than they used to be because flash game developers are learning a lot more about flash game development. Basically it's now easier for people to create much more sophisticated games using Adobe's flash technology. On top of this there are new technologies like HTML5 and Unity games.

Online flash tower defence games like Kingdom Rush are a perfect example of this. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a very advanced game that has a lot of features and capabilities that probably make it the worlds best ever TD game. But there are many more TD games now like Kingdom Rush that are well worth a play if you love games like Kingdom Rush. Some of these are Monster Bastion, Mauled Zero, The Keeper of 4 Elements and Stormy Castle. These are some of the most played and highest rated free defense games online that you can play in your browser today.

There are thousands of free tower defence games online to play today. Probably more than any other genre. So what makes them so hugely popular by people from all walks of life? We think there are 4 main factors which we list here.

1. They reward the player.

Because you are usually "defending" something like a castle or your base. There is an objective at hand you must fulfill. There is something in all of us that wants to succeed where others have failed and beat their score!

2. They are are a lot of fun.

Many defence games have been built around a storyline that makes them interesting. Take the Bloons games & zombie games etc. Chances are, you can find one that is just right for you and will make you laugh or smile.

3. There is a lot of variety.

Again TD games are usually based on a story so there is a wide variety of from defense games with monkeys to defence games with demons, zombies, vampires or goblins and giants.

4. They are free and easy to play.

All you need is a PC connected to the internet and away you go. Just search for TD games online and you can find many fan sites with free games to play in your favorite free web browser dedicated to this niche.

So these are the main reasons why they are so popular, fun and rewarding to play. What is great is finding the best site to play these on. You want to find somewhere that rewards you for playing your fave games. Somewhere where you can meet and challenge other players or invite and challenge friends. All this is true but if you just want to take some time out whether at home or on a break at work. TD games are the best types to play at any time and will surely be fun, rewarding and easy to play online so have fun.

If you love to play TD games online in your spare time and keep up with the latest in flash TD games. Then you can find many of the best and latest to play here. Register with us to receive extra benefits when you use our site and to submit your high scores.

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