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New Shooter Games Category Added
Posted by: Ryan, 20-02-2014, 22:33

You may have noticed we've recently added a new category of shooter games to the site. Shooter games, or shooting games are games you play by shooting things! Obviously but they come in many varieties such as first person to third person shooters. Fixed and scrolling shooters, top down shooters, "run and gun" shooters to sniping games to tank games. If it involves shooting at anything then you'll likely find it in this category.

Shooting Games Online

Free online shooting games to play are incredibly addictive and enjoyed by millions of people from all around the world of all ages and walks of life. How much fun is it just to open your browser at the end of a long day and relax and unwind by shooting the living hell out of some enemy solders, aliens or monsters? Well you can do that here.

Online Racing Games

Also has added a Racing Games category. Racing games are just as popular and played as many times by people as shooting games online but a different kettle of fish altogether. Even though saying that you can find a mixture of both shooting and racing games. Where you may have to drive something like a car or motorbike and shoot at enemies or rivals while racing them at the same time. But mainly you will find some of the latest and newest free online racing and driving games. There are many kinds of racing games as well from stock car racing, rally racing to formula 1 racing all designed to be fun and challenging.

Overtime we'll include more categories but at the moment we are just going through lists of games from some of the top online game distribution portals like ArmorGames, Kongregate, Newgrounds, Mochi, FOG, etc etc and filling up these categories so there is a good handful of decent games to play and we'll try to continue on this path throughout the coming months of 2014 and beyond.

Tower Defense Games Online

We have always been fans of tower defense games online and have loved to play them more than any other type of game. Ever since the Bloons TD games were being released NinjaKiwi right up to Bloons TD5 and Bloons Supermonkey games today and have thoroughly enjoyed playing games like Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Incursion, Cursed Treasure, Mauled Zero and the likes. And there are now some more tower defense games online that are much more advanced than these and have more features to them. That's because the developers have learned a lot more about the games following making them and the feedback from the actual players. And then building td games on that to make awesome experiences that really challenge your strategic skills and survivals instincts.

Now with more technologies for making flash games (or even HTML5 & Unity games), and it being cheaper and easier to build them using these new technologies. We can expect to see an influx of online tower defense games as well as strategy tower defense games being made available for other platforms like games consoles like the Xbox and Playstation. Also 3D rendering in flash games is now possible if you have the hardware for it and that is something that will drive a lot of developers alone for the popularity in the market for 3d flash games today.

We've added many of the best tower games to play online here in our tower defense category. But also even though some games are more strategic than others we've put them in the Strategy category. As always, as and when new flash games or any type are released and free to play online then we'll add them here straight away.

We thank our current members and always looking for ways to make your experience better. Likewise for new visitors also. If you're new here register for extra benefits. Meet new people, submit high scores and challenge friends to beat them!

Thanks for reading, take care and enjoy the site.

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