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8 Flash TD Games Like Kingdom Rush in 2014
Posted by: Ryan, 15-01-2014, 00:08

If like myself, you also think that TD (Tower Defence) games are the best types of free online playable games to play these days then you'll appreciate this list of some of the best TD games online to play in 2014 that we have put together so you can enjoy playing them and see how addictive and fun they are. So we've put together eight tower defence games which we think you'll enjoy.

If you've played any TD games online so far during 2013 then you'll probably know how addictive and rewarding these are to play. Not only are they free to play in your web browser online but they are usually tons of fun and rewarding to the player at the end.

Some of the most played free online flash games today are TD games. Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers (the 2nd version) are perfect examples of this being played thousand of times around the world all the time repeatedly. And if you ever wondered what other flash TD games online there are like Kingdom Rush then here's the list.

Top 10 TD Games Like Kingdom Rush

  1. Monster Bastion
  2. Mauled Zero
  3. The Keeper of 4 Elements
  4. Stormy Castle
  5. Incursion 2
  6. Cursed Treasure 2
  7. Giants and Dwarves TD
  8. Medieval Castle Defense
  9. Bloons TD 5
  10. Min Hero
This is my personal list of 10 td games like Kingdom Rush that I have put together after playing all these myself or with friends online and still do because of how good they are. While these are only eight games like Kingdom Rush. These are also some of the most popular, most highest rated, commented on and favorited free td games online today.

They should provide you with hours of quality defending gameplay. Like most TD games online you start with limited resources and funds and must earn this by attacking and killing enemies that are approaching along a pathway.

You are required to be clever in the way you play them also because you must be strategic how you place certain towers. Depending on the game, the enemies within the game, and the abilities of your towers, you will want to place the best ones in the best places to ensure maximum damage is inflicted to enemies to kill them.

There are many unique feature to each game that you play that make it what it is and or give it its own unique charm and charisma. Some have features in that others don't. That's what makes them such a great mixup and good variety.

The really good thing is how easy they are to play and how easy they get you hooked playing! The first levels always start off easy and get you playing along. But just as you think you are happily defending your kingdom or castle from attack you will notice that the levels start to get harder and harder as do the enemies until eventually you are killed and its game over or you have to restart the level again.

Usually as you played, you will have earned experience points or gold stars which you can use in between levels to upgrade your towers or abilities with making yourself much stronger in battle so you can complete each level and get to the end which is a very very rewarding feeling for the user or game player making TD games the best kind of free online playable game there is.

If you also think that games like Kingdom rush are the best type of free online flash games you can play today then we have all the best TD games you will love to play like Kingdom Rush: Frontiers and many many more just like it too! :D

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