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Playing Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

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Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked - 11.7 MB

Hacked Version Details:
Want to gain more experience for every Pokemon that you defeated?  Earn more money per Pokemon battle? Unlimited money from buying in the shops? Capture Pokemon easily? Earning experience and money can be as much as 100 times than normal.  On top of that, you earn or get money for every purchase instead of losing money. Pokemons are easy to catch since one hit will make their HP bar turn red!  
Game Details:
Same as Ash, you will have to travel through the Kanto region as a pokemon trainer.  You will have to gain all the Gym Badges by defeating each of the gym leaders.  The game incorporates the classic Pokemon games from Gameboy but has added recent pokemons from the recent seasons.  The gameplay is taken in a tower defense format which adds more excitement to its turnbased approach.

MOUSE & SPACEBAR. Use the mouse to control and navigate the game. You can use the Glance Tool to rotate the puzzle and Pull Tool to pop up the axis selection and choose your desired direction. Use spacebar to change between the tools.

Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

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